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Being smart about your water usage makes for a better tomorrow. G Hydro of Glenview, IL provides services that can get your lawn sprinklers performing at their peak during those demanding summer months. We also work to maintain your sprinkler system so that it survives our harsh Illinois winters and “springs” back to life when you need it again. Our high-tech solutions work with any existing lawn sprinklers as we use smart, green irrigation technology to decrease water consumption and improve performance.

Our irrigation experts are highly trained in auditing home and commercial lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems to identify areas in which water consumption may be too high. We can eliminate this problem by redesigning your system in a manner that both saves you money and helps the environment. We will improve the efficiency of your lawn sprinklers through intelligent design that works with your landscape to provide the ideal amount of water with the least amount of waste.

Whether you wish to reorganize your irrigation setup, repair your broken or under-performing lawn sprinklers, or modify your system to be more effective, G Hydro has the experience and the products to make that happen. We excel in modifying systems to utilize proper water management techniques. Often, a new digital control system can save you up to 30% on your water consumption, which translates to a 30% cash savings on your annual water bill.

Repair or redesign your irrigation system with G Hydro to get your lawn sprinklers performing like they should. Contact us now, and ask for a free estimate!