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Did you know that proper irrigation maintenance can save you up to 30% on your water and power usage annually? G Hydro offers many irrigation maintenance solutions for every type of system from small residential lawns to sprawling commercial properties. Proper maintenance of your system, including winterization, can greatly reduce waste and help protect our fragile environment. Our licensed and insured irrigation professionals are ready to help restore your system to its peak performance.

The initial step of irrigation maintenance involves performing a full inspection on all mechanical aspects and underground piping, including your underground electrical equipment if applicable. We will also fully audit your automatic sprinkler systems to determine how well or how poorly your system is performing and find out what can be modified to correct any issues.

If you have recently made changes to your landscaping, your existing sprinkler system may not be adequate to provide for your new lawn. G Hydro will relocate and update your sprinkler system to more efficiently irrigate the new contours of your landscape. This service is also ideal for homes or businesses that have recently undergone redesign or expansion.

Throughout the year, our irrigation maintenance team is ready to address any questions or problems you have. At the beginning of the season, let us inspect your system and make any repairs that are necessary. Mid-season, you will want to have an inspection as well, because flow and timing adjustments are best made at that point. Winterization at the end of the season protects you from freezing and breakage and is equally as important!

Use our irrigation maintenance services throughout the year to keep your costs down and your performance high. You can count on us to be there whenever you need us anywhere in the Glenview, IL area and beyond.